About Us

With focus on quality and sincerity, Bobo Klolo brings you the brilliance and beauty of gemstones.

Learning Opportunities
1. Rough and cut specimens – We collect various natural gemstones, such as painite and sapphires, and create gemstone samples each of which contains both the natural gemstone and its polished version. Through these gemstone samples, we can systematically present gemstones for geological study, geographical study, etc.
2. Rare gemstones – Our collection includes rare to extremely rare natural gems and minerals and are valuable collector items.
3. Equipment and accessories – We offer various gemstone analysis equipment and instruments to aid in your study or appreciation of gems and minerals.

Artistic Appreciation
We use natural gemstones, such as jadeite, rubies, and sapphires, to recreate timeless, world-famous paintings and bring them to life through the colors, sparkle, dimensionality, and magnificence of gemstones. All paintings are hand-made and meticulously produced to bring you beautiful and valuable artwork for collection.

At Bobo Klolo, we use gemstones to design and create high quality and elegant jewelry. Our jewelry collection range from pieces made with polished gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies, jade, and diamonds, to pieces made with natural gemstones. Our jewelry is created by Bobo Klolo’s designers; each piece is a distinctive and creative fashion item.

Bobo Klolo was established in 2004 in Hong Kong and currently has two retail store locations.